Yoga is an ancient art based on harmonizing system of development for the body, mind and spirits. It is a practical aid not a religion. The yoga is derived from the word ‘yug' which means, “To join”. It signifies union between the individual soul (jivatma) and the universal soul (paramatma). Yoga is one of the main contributions of India to the world. Basically, human evolution takes place on three different planes, namely physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga is a means of attaining perfect health by maintaining harmony and achieving optimum functioning on all three levels through complete self-control.

Yoga improves posture, increases the intake of oxygen, and enhances the functioning of the respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, reproductive and excretory systems. Its effect on the emotions is equally beneficial by claming the mind, attuning us to the environment and diminishing problems caused by mental restlessness. Yoga is highly recommended for people in competitive, stressful, working environments for those who suffer form headaches, back and shoulder aches, allergies and asthma. Yoga also cures behavioral disorder, nervous breakdown and manic depression. The regular practice of yoga helps us to accept whatever physical or mental condition we might be suffering form increasing our immediate sense of well being, concentration and calmness.

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